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Join the Sweet Sheets® Team Today & Get Free Sheets!

From Now until December 1st, all new consultant sign-ups will get a FREE Queen set of our BRAND NEW "Sweet Sheets Signature Blue" bed sheets with their enrolment kit!

Just sign up before December 1st & we'll add in your new Sweet Sheets with your shipment!  

Why Become A Consultant?

See the benefits of joining the Sweet Sheets® Team & why it's right for you!

Excellent Support

At Sweet Sheets® we stand behind our products and our consultants. We do all we can to guarantee our customers get the best products available.

Earn With Every Sale

Consultants have the ability to earn 20% -30% off of each Sweet Sheets® sale that they personally refer, including their own.

Build A Team & Earn Even More

When you build your Sweet Sheets® team, you have the opportunity to earn on consultants signed up under you, up to 5 levels deep!

Earn & Support A Cause 

Sweet Sheets® offers a fundraiser program and our consultants can earn 10% off of each fundraiser sale while the organization earns 20%!

Freedom to Sell

With Sweet Sheets®, you have a multitude of sales outlets available to you. In person, in your own brick & mortar store, at trade shows, farmers markets and online are only a few of the places our consultants have found success.

Replicated Websites

All Consultants get their own replicated website that they can refer all of their customers to for easy online shopping. 

Custom Back Office

As a consultant, you will have access to a custom back office where you will find account information, past orders, customer orders, resorces & more!

Just Refer & Earn!

We handle all of the fulfillment details including order processing, shipment, billing & support. All you have to do is refer customers to your replicated site!

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What Our Consultants Say


"You know you have a great product when you get multiple calls during a 1 week period from people you don't know who heard of the product through friends and can't wait to order. This week, I got multiple orders without advertising or ever leaving my house!! Thank you Sweet Sheets!!!"

-Megan, Sweet Sheets® Consultant

"I have been really aware of the power of "word of mouth" - it has been amazing here in Pincher, too so I am so appreciative of all my customers and how fast the word spreads but at the core of it all is a great product!"

-Judy, Sweet Sheets® Consultant

"I just discovered the most amazing luxury linens for my bed!!!!! In the words of SNL Coffee Talk; "they feel like butter."

"Like any new job, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into...honestly, it feels like I've been involved longer than this....I told my husband that when this starts to feel like work or a job, I'm probably going to tap out, because I've already got a crazy busy job in the daytime, but I have not felt that way...I want everyone to know how fun this can be if you allow it; how successful you can be if you create it; enthusiasm rules!!! Trust me there's been a few weeks that I've taken a mental holiday away from it...and that is the beauty of this job; I can put it on the burner for a week or so and focus on other areas of my life, but pick up again right where I left off... it doesn't have to consume you... Belief in the product is number 1 for me... if I didn't have that, I would not be able to endorse it... it pretty much checks off every box for me, and when I speak about that with people (because I am the average consumer) it is what sells the product... it's not me it's the product!"

-Shari, Sweet Sheets® Consultant

"Are you looking for an opportunity to make extra income? Trying to find a high quality product that practically sells itself and a company that offers superior warranty to it's customers and incredible support to it's consultants? Sweet Sheets Inc. is all that and more!"

-Karen, Sweet Sheets® Consultant

Sweet Sheets® Inc.
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